To be Fifteen-ish Again

Me with my buds – at fifteen-ish.

I went to see New Moon this afternoon.  By myself.  After rewatching the first one, Josh decided that he definitely did not need to see the second one in theatres.  So off I went by myself (he, being the grand husband and daddy that he is, hung out with Adelle while I took some time off) for two hours of pure enjoyment.  Really and truly – I enjoyed every minute of it.  And I knew what was coming!  I must say that in the realm of books becoming movies, this was an excellent depiction of the real spirit of the book.  Go movie people!

I digress.

So back to the by myself part.  I was mildly saddened by the fact that I was going alone but only as I was buying my ticket.  There’s just something sorta depressing about saying, “One for New Moon,” and knowing that you are 26 and teeny-bopper movie watching girlfriend-less.  But I got over it.  Clearly.  When I walked in, there were actually zero teenage girls to be seen, which I was sort of glad about because teenage girls are not my specialty.  Funnily enough, I was at one time the epitomy of an annoying teenage girl.  Just before the movie started, though, in marched about eight 15-ish year old girls.  Still awkward, but not for long – you can see them now.  They were very giggly and clearly elated to be there.  And I surprised myself with a little smirk…because the spirit of that movie really isn’t complete without the ooo’s and ahhh’s and giggles of 15-ish girls.

The movie began and I slipped into the world of vampires and werewolves and supernatural boys who are borderline crazy about regular old girls (I mean, she’s beautiful but exceedingly insecure and doesn’t smile very much).  They fight monsters and are willing to die to be with her.  I mean, does anyone wonder why girls (and women) love these books/movies so much?  We all want to be pursued, protected, and unabashedly loved by supernaturally spectacular men who are (let’s be honest) fun to look at and our best friend at the same time.

After I left, I thought about those 15-ish girls, cheering for their respective teams – Edward or Jacob – and I couldn’t help but be a little envious.  Because for a lot of them, that’s the most important thing going on in their world.  And because some of them still believe that such a supernatural, awe-inspiring, monster-killing man exists.  Don’t get me wrong…we “old ladies” love our men.  But they are human.  And they don’t kill monsters.  And our relationship with them is hardly epicly romantic.

It would be nice to revisit that time when all your dreams could and would come true.

But here’s what’s great about where I am now:  I’m dreaming with my God rather than with myself.  And I’m raising a little girl who has her whole life to dream fantastically.  And although I did not marry an Edward or a Jacob, I did marry a Joseph (as in Mary’s husband, Joseph).  And he is loving and kind and also fun to look at.  And real.  And there is definitely something supernatural about that!

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  1. Hehe, stalking again. New Moon came out on our honeymoon. Naturally we had to see it. So after flying back from the cruise I immediately put on my "Team Edward" shirt I got at my lingerie shower and drag my brand new husband to see Twilight amidst grumbles of "Why can't you wear a Team Jacob shirt…" and then patiently explaining to him why I will never be Team Jacob. Which still makes him a little mad to this day. As we wait in line (seriously there is a line at the only theatre in Alexandria) I naturally chat up the 15 year olds next to us after they compliment my shirt and explain to them that we’re on our honeymoon and ask if they will take a picture of us. Probably the funniest picture we’ve ever taken. Jacob is less than thrilled. But he was a trooper and good husband through it all! I graciously told him he didn’t have to come see Eclipse with me, his response “No way, this one is actually supposed to have a battle and I want to see their skin rip off when they turn into werewolves” I didn’t wear my Team Edward shirt that time…

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